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Transforming Brain Cancer Care

Every brain cancer patient is unique, and so is every brain tumor.

Neuro-oncology teams need new tools and insights to advance the state of care.

At Neosoma, our mission is to help clinicians improve outcomes by providing novel disease insights to physicians and clinical trials through innovative AI technology.

Brain Tumors Are Complex

Every Treatment Decision is Based on MRI Interpretation

Care is a multi-disciplinary process with significant limitations to treatment.​​

The Answers Are Hidden Within Every MRI

Critical data that is needed to improve treatment and outcomes exists inside every slice of each MRI.

Without Advanced AI Technology, These Insights will Never Be Accessed

Even the most expert clinicians are forced to use subjective judgement when assessing a brain tumor MRI.

Neosoma Uncovers Transformative Disease Insights
from Brain Tumor MRIs

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Comprehensive Neuro-Oncology
SaaS Solution

Patented, Validated,

FDA Cleared

Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers

Longitudinal Disease Assessment

Centralized Document Management

Virtual Tumor Board Sessions

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Patient History and Timeline

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Radiation Oncologist

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Medical Oncologist

A unified, clinican-validated software platform for the entire neuro-oncology team, combining tumor board workflow with multiple disease-specific AI-driven tumor analysis modules.​

Product Introduction

Seamless Integration; Deep Insights

Routinely-Acquired MRI Sequences





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Disease Analysis Engine:
Extracting Hidden Insights
High-grade glioma segmentation
Multiple, Disease-Specific
Analysis Modules
Clinical Management Platform:
Centralized Tracking and Decisioning
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Disease Insights
Interoperability with
Existing Systems
Clinical Management Platform

Neosoma Benefits Clinicians, Hospitals,
Patients, and Clinical Trials

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Clinicians and Hospitals

We enable better clinical decisions, thereby raising the standard of care.

Hospitals drive increased patient volume and revenue, while reducing unnecessary costs.


Increased engagement with your physicians, better understanding of your disease and treatment protocol, and greater confidence in tumor change and response to treatment.

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Research and Clinical Trials

Increase success and efficiency of clinical research and development through greater speed, accuracy, precision, and consistency of key endpoints, including tumor volumetrics.

Neosoma High-Grade Glioma Response Assessment (RANO)
Clinical Trials

See An Interactive Example Of A
High-Grade Glioma Segmentation

Use mouse wheel to scroll through slices.
Current slice: 
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In Clinicians' Own Words

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“Clinicians commonly debate the results of brain MRIs and whether the brain tumor is stable, responding to treatment, or progressing. Neosoma HGG will give us the objectivity needed to make our decisions easier and more accurate.

Isabelle M. Germano, MD, MBA, FACS

Professor of Neurosurgery and Director of the Comprehensive Brain Tumor Program at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 

Transform Your Neuro-Oncology Practice

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