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Neosoma Announces Partnership with Nuance Communications


Nov 7, 2022

Neosoma Announced Today its AI Solutions Connect to the Nuance Precision Imaging Network

Neosoma announced today its AI solutions connect to the Nuance Precision Imaging Network™. Nuance is a leading radiology software solutions provider with nationwide scale of its PowerScribe and PowerShare diagnostic imaging solutions. Neosoma's partnership with Nuance will allow more efficient implementation of our software platform across thousands of sites, benefiting hospitals, physicians and patients.

Ken Kolodziej, Neosoma's CEO and Co-Founder, said, “The collaboration between Nuance and Neosoma helps accelerate adoption and implementation of our important technologies in clinical practice, while ensuring high levels of data security and privacy. Connecting to Nuance’s Precision Imaging Network provides our clinical customers a seamless method to rapidly implement Neosoma’s novel solutions through a trusted partner. We are very excited about our relationship with Nuance and what it will mean for the future of neuro-oncology."

Read the full press release for additional details.

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