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AI-Powered Neuro-Oncology Clinical Trials


Nov 17, 2022

Neosoma's strategic partnership with Calyx enables faster, more precise tumor assessment in brain cancer clinical trials.

Neosoma is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Calyx, a global eClinical and regulatory solutions provider.

Clinical trials are an important aspect of the fight against brain cancer, in that they are a necessary step for pharmaceutical and medical device companies to prove that their drugs and devices are safe and effective. Calyx brings unique capabilities to clinical trials on behalf of their sponsors, which are typically pharma, biotech, and device companies.

Today, clinical trials for brain cancer rely on comparing manual 2-D measurements of tumors based on brain MRIs, a process that is rife with variability. This variability could lead to incorrect or inconsistent results from clinical trials, impacting the final assessment of effectiveness; Neosoma's software solution provides accurate, precise, and consistent 3-D longitudinal (i.e. across timepoints) tumor measurements, addressing these issues.

Given Calyx's capabilities for oncology trials, including in neuro- and CNS oncology, Neosoma and Calyx make for great partners:

"Neosoma's expertise in AI imaging development nicely complements Calyx's two decades of experience in clinical trial imaging and the insights we've gleaned from having successfully supported nearly 100 neuro-oncology clinical trials," said Stephen Bravo, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Calyx. "We're pleased to extend Neosoma's innovation to clinical development and give our customers greater confidence that the important imaging data they depend on to evaluate their glioblastoma compounds' effectiveness is accurate and reliable."

Read the full press release for more details.

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